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Books on Home educating
Here are a few books on home education that you might be interested in.

"Educating Children at Home" by Alan Thomas.
This is an eye-opening book on Home Education documenting an study of how 100 HE families function.

"Educating Your Child at Home" by Jane Lowe & Alan Thomas.

"Homeschooling Our Children, Unschooling Ourselves" by Alison McKee.

"The Teenage Liberation Handbook" by Grace Llewellyn.

"The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook" by Dr. Raymond & Dorothy Moore

"How Children Learn", "How Children Fail", "Teach Your Own", "The Underachieving School", "Instead of Education", by John Holt.
The author is the 'father' of the Unschooling movement and method. His books are highly inspiring and very popular for today's home-educating parents.

"The Unschooling Handbook" by Mary Griffith.

"Awakening your Child's Natural Genius" by Thomas Armstrong.

"Educating the Whole Hearted Child" by Clay and Sally Clarkson.
This book is probably the most successful one there is based in the Eclectic approach.

"Homeschooling and the Voyage of Self-Discovery" by David H. Albert.
A wonderful author in HE. His website is well-worth looking at

"Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling" by Mary Pride.
With more than 600 pages in the subject, this can be considerer the 'phone-book' of HE. Among others, it has a detailed explanation in the most popular approaches and is full of resources. The author is the publisher of Practical Homeschooling Magazine and founder of the world's most visited homeschool website,

"Fundamentals of Home-schooling. Notes on a Successful Family Living" by Ann Lahrson-Fisher.

"Homeschooling the Early Years", "The Homeschooling Book of Answers" by Linda Dobson.

"The Original Home Schooling Series" by Charlotte Mason.
The classic reference by the founder of the home schooling movement.
A series of 6 volumes in:
Home Education: Training and educating children under nine.
Parents and children: The role of the parent in the education of the child.
School Education: Developing a curriculum.
Ourselves: Improving character and conscience.
Formation of Character: Shaping the child’s personality
A Philosophy of Education: Curiosity - the path to creative learning.

"A Charlotte Mason Companion: Personal Reflections on The Gentle Art of Learning" by Karen Andreola.

Other books based on The Charlotte Mason philosophy are:
"For The Children’s Sake" by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay
"When Children Love to Learn" by Elaine Cooper
"For the Love of Learning" by Jenny Sockey (a mixture of CM and Classical Education).

"The Well-Trained Mind, A Guide to Classical Education at Home" by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise. There is a website too,

Other books of interest

"The Theory of Multiple Intelligences" by Howard Gardner.

Where can you get these books?

Some of them are available for sale and some can be borrowed from the HEN Library Also, check below.

Please Note...
These lists are only a guidance. They are not complete and probably they never will. It will take us a little time to publish a few more. If you can help us with your favourite resources, do no hesitate in sending them to us. They will be very appreciated.

The HEN Library
If you want to borrow a book on home education, HEN has its own Library with a selection of books and dvds/videos on home education.

HEN Library

Books available for Loan or Sale

We would like to build up a Home Education library that is available for HEN members. As an aid to this I (Kim Pierce) are offering our own books on home education and education as part of this library. Some of these books are either out of print or difficult to get hold of so please look after them.

If anyone has books they can recommend we will try and get them. Also if anyone is willing to donate books they have read, that would be very much appreciated. Books can be sent to the address given below.

In the next while we will try and write a sentence or two describing each book. Most can be found on the web with a good description. So I would suggest if you are not sure about whether you would be interested then check for the description in Google.

There are currently 27 books available to loan. Books marked in orange* are available to buy. Please, send an e-mail to our Secretary if you wish to purchase them.

1. Educating Children at Home*, Alan Thomas, 1998
2. Educating your Child at home*, Jane Lowe & Alan Thomas, 2002
3. The Next Learning System, Roland Meighan, 1997
4. The Teenage Liberation Handbook (revised), Grace Llewellyn, 1998
5. Instead of Education, John Holt, 1976
6. How Children Learn (Revised), John Holt, 1983
7. Teach Your Own (Revised), John Holt & Pat Farenga, 2003
8. Home Schooling our Children, Unschooling ourselves*, Alison McKee, 2002
9. One Kid at a Time, Eliot Levine, 2002
10. The Big Picture Company, Dennis Littky, 2004
11. An “A” in Life - Famous Home Schoolers, Mac and Nancy Plent, 1999
12. Our Camp, Our Children*, Diane Carpenter, 2002
13. Early Reading – A guide for parents, Maire Mullarney, 1990
14. Becoming Adult – how teenagers prepare for work, Mihaly Csikszentmialyi, 
15. Learner managed learning & home education, Leslie Barson, (ed) 2006
16. Deschooling Society, Ivan Illich, 1971
17. Teaching Thinking, Edward De Bono, 1976
18. The Use of Lateral Thinking, Edward De Bono, 1967
19. How to be More Interesting, Edward De Bono, 1997
20. A 5 day course in Thinking, Edward De Bono, 1967
21. Bring out the Genius in Your Child, Ken Adams, 1997
22. Primary Options, Eleanor Gaire & Oliver Mahon, 2005
23. Help your child to read and write, and more, David Mackay & Joseph Simo, 
24. Be your child’s natural teacher, Geraldine Taylor, 1984
25. Child’s Minds, Margaret Donaldson, 1978
26. Your Child can think like a Genius, Bernadette Tynan, 2004
27. And the Skylark Sings with me, David H. Albert, 1999

To borrow one of these books for 4 weeks please send an A4 padded, stamped (2 x 48 cent stamps) envelope addressed to yourself, along with a note to say which book you want to:
Kim Pierce, Carrowgar, Ogonnelloe, Scarriff, Co. Clare

DVDs available for Loan

HEN now has 3 different DVDs available for loan. They are:

1. Weapons of Mass Instruction, by John Taylor Gatto – 69 minutes. From 
Learning in our Own Way - August 2005 Conference. This is excellent, being 
both uplifting and informative, challenging the whole notion of the advisability 
of formal schooling.
2. The Myth of the ADD Child, by Dr. Thomas Armstrong - 90 minutes long. 
From Learning in our Own Way - August 2005 Conference. This talk 
challenges the growing medicalisation of attention and behaviour in children. 
A broad based and far reaching presentation of why these children are not 
as they are portrayed – why the explanation or story may be considered more 
myth than science. He includes strategies for helping children. Some parts 
are fairly technical.
3. 8 Kinds of Smart – by Dr. Thomas Armstrong - 75 minutes long. From 
Learning In Our Own Way - August 2005 Conference. An wide ranging 
exploration of intelligence. Recommended.

If you would like to borrow one of these please send an A5 stamped address envelope to:
Kim Pierce, Carrowgar, Ogonnelloe, Scarriff, Co. Clare.

Want to buy some books or even download some for free, here is where to go to get some.

Your local library
Don't forget your local library. Your membership card is all you need to access to and find books nationwide. Also, ask them about the possibility of getting a Block Card, which allows you to borrow 12 o more books at a time. The number really depends on the library stock. All you need to say is that you are the children's primary educator.

Of Course
**A****** or
**** are well known for discount books new & used.

**** new and used books from independent booksellers around the world. It gives you the option of buying in from Irish bookshops.

**The Book People** have great prices and they are based in UK and Ireland.

In Addition to its Library HEN Ireland sells some books too...
"Educating Children at Home" by Alan Thomas.
"Educating Your Child at Home" by Jane Lowe & Alan Thomas.
"Homeschooling Our Children, Unschooling Ourselves" by Alison McKee.

These are the three books available from us. Please contact Emily Rainsford by e-mail if you wish to order any of them.

Free books on-line

**The University of Virginia Library** is the oldest and largest public e-book library on the web! You have access to thousands of books, especially literature.

**The International Children's Digital Library** is a Foundation that pursues its vision by building a digital library of outstanding children's books from around the world and supporting communities of children and adults in exploring and using this literature through innovative technology designed in close partnership with children for children.

**Digital Book Index** A Union Catalog of Electronic Books, Texts and Documents with 130,000 title records, 90,000 of these are available for free.