Links to Published Academic Research on Home Education and Home Education Research Sites

1. Dr. Alan Thomas has conducted frequently quoted and widely educationally accepted work on understanding home education and how it works. Unfortunately Alan’s research is not available on the net but his book “Educating Children at Home” based on his research with Home Educated families in the UK and Australia is available to buy or to borrow from HEN (see the Library section.)

2. Dr. Paula Rothermel’s research “Home-Education: Rationales, Practices and Outcomes” undertaken at Durham university. It is strongly recommended. Also she has published in 2000 'The Third Way in Education: Thinking the Unthinkable'. Education 3-13, Volume 28, No. 1, March. Staffordshire: Trentham Books.

3. The National Home Education Research Institute founded by Dr. Brian Ray can be found at It is principally research on Christian based home educators. Check the Quick Links to Research Findings. The site contains the following:
Facts on Homeschooling – July 2006 FREE to print out from Web Site!
General Research Fact Sheet – FREE to print out from Web Site!
Fact Sheet I – FREE to print out from Web Site!
Fact Sheet IIb – FREE to print out from Web Site!
Fact Sheet IIIb – FREE to print out from Web Site!
Worldwide Guide to Homeschooling – almanac-like book packed with topics such as why families homeschool, statistics, charts, history, current trends, academic achievement, socialization, and much more; annually updated Home Educated and Now Adults – new 2004 study on adults who were homeschooled, full of fascinating findings
Strengths of Their Own – most in-depth nationwide study of homeschool families and students
Homeschooling on the Threshold - booklet that summarizes research; see description below
He also edits a journal called the “Home School Researcher”.

4. Dr Amanda Petrie’s research on Home Education in Europe and the Implementation of Changes to the Law

5. Prof. Roland Meighan (of Educational Heretics fame) has published considerable research.You can find in that link details of some of them.
He and others (most notably Mike Fortune Woods) have set up a research body in the UK for Home Education. It can be found at:

6. Daniel Monk has looked at children’s right, human rights and education around recent cases in the European Court of Human Rights. His 2003 article entitled “Home Education: a human right?”.

7. The New Zealand government has published some research on the number of Home Educators in New Zealand.

8. The US government has published details of its Home Schooling Survey 2003, done as part of a much larger education survey done every 4-5 years.

There is a great deal of other non-academic research out there, written by home educators and published in book form. Please refer to the Library page and Book listings in other parts of the website.